Bruning International provides high-quality logistical freight forwarding services to American businesses across the country. We are interconnected with agencies worldwide so that we can provide the best in international shipping for industrial clients, manufacturers, commercial companies, and more. Our team handles every job regardless of size. With our headquarters in Massachusetts, we provide emergency solutions for international freight heading out of Logan Airport in Boston Massachusetts. Our team is dedicated to providing the best freight forwarding services to each of our clients.

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Where We Work

Bruning International has delivered shipments to over 72 different countries. Our team has provided freight forwarding services to hundreds of unique clients over the last 45 years. For more information on the countries we help export and import from, please click here. By the nature of our work, we are often traveling throughout America to meet with clients and help package and ship their machinery, products, and other goods. Here are a few key cities we work in.

  • Pennsylvania
    • Pittsburg
    • Philadelphia
  • Maryland
    • Baltimore
    • Annapolis
  • Washington D.C.
  • North Carolina
    • Richmond
  • Florida
    • Miami
  • Georgia
    • Atlanta
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Contact our team for support with international customs clearance, logistical solutions, and packaging services. Our team is always ready to help improve your international or domestic shipping strategy. Contact us through our online contact form to learn more about our services and get quoted on your specific shipping project.

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