Heavy Transport

Our experts specialize in break bulk, heavy lift, and project cargo services.

Heavy transport such as break bulk, heavy lift, and project cargo comes with significant logistic challenges. Because this kind of cargo just won’t readily fit into a standard shipping container, it means that planning a heavy haulage needs to be precise and problems need to be anticipated as your shipment moves from origin to destination. We’ve seen non-containerized cargo come in an endless variety of items. We can transport heavy equipment, including oil rigging structures, large pipes, manufacturing equipment, industrial cooling systems, heavy construction equipment, generators, turbines, and other specialized industrial pieces. Whenever the cargo exceeds the boundaries of the container, then it means you’ll need seasoned experts who can take all the necessary steps to get your over-sized cargo to move from door to door in a time frame that fits your business goals.

Our heavy transport expertise is based on our years of providing custom crating solutions for a variety of unusually shaped products. This extensive background in crating and packaging is why we handle Logan Airport’s emergency crating needs. Also, our reputation as one of New England’s leading freight forwarders gives us a clear advantage when it comes to handling the problems that come with shipping a non-containerized item via ground transport or ocean carriers.

We’ve handled a number of heavy equipment transport projects for break bulk cargo during our years in the shipping business, including six miles of pipe for a dredging company. We’ve also crated and delivered large oil industry pieces for safe transportation and delivery to the gulf. See examples of our work below:

Project Cargo Case Study—Singapore to Norfolk, VA

Project Cargo Case Study—China to New Orleans, LA

If you need heavy transport or haulage services for large equipment or other non-containerized items, then you should give us a call for more information on what we can do to help you. We offer a wide range of logistics services to help you get your material delivered to locations around the world. Call 800.616.3349 Bruning International.

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