Bruning International has been providing excellent shipping services since 1975. We work with a variety of clients including product manufacturers. Manufacturers work with our team because they benefit from using a variety of different services. Manufacturers have a lot of needs when it comes to importing supplies internationally, exporting their finished products, and getting the most out of their shipping budget. Bruning International helps large and small manufacturers handle their shipping budget and manage their shipping schedule.

Freight Forwarding Services For Manufacturers in New England

Bruning International is based out of Holbrook, Massachusetts. From this strategic location, our team is only a few miles from Logan International Airport and Conley Terminals. Although we are based in Holbrook, our team members are consistently traveling the world to make sure shipments arrive and are processed on time. We have connections to agencies in 48 other countries and have handled shipping to 72 countries and counting. For manufacturers here are some of our services that best serve your industry:

  • International Importing: Many of our manufacturing clients import from international vendors. Part of the reason to import internationally is to lower the cost to produce your goods and increase the profit you can make without needing to change the price point. To maximize this profit, the Bruning Team works around the clock to manage international imports. We work with your supplier to make sure that your deliveries are arriving on time and in good condition.
  • International/Domestic Shipping: Once your product is complete you will want to ship it internationally or domestically. No matter where you ship, our team can handle the logistics. If you ship internationally we will make sure your forms are correctly filled and that you have no issues clearing customs and we will help schedule inland transportation. If you ship domestically, we can help you find extra services including white-glove services, consolidation, and more.
  • Packaging: A chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and a supply chain is only as strong as its packaging. Bruning International offers crating and packaging solutions to manufacturers to protect their goods from port to port.

Save Money on Freight Forwarding with Bruning International

Manufacturers work with our team to decrease the among of stress and work they need to put in to have a successful shipping strategy and to increase their own profits. If you are looking to sell to a new international market and you need advice on shipping timing and strategy, our team can help. If you want to change your supply chain for bringing in resources for your products, we will help with setting up the import schedule. And if you have questions about consolidation, cross-docking, customs, or other shipping services, please feel free to contact us.

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