Freight Forwarding Services in New York City

Bruning International provides comprehensive freight forwarding solutions to American businesses nationwide. Headquartered in Massachusetts, we often work with businesses throughout the northeast and the east coast area. We are proud to work with many businesses in New York and the NYC area. We work with manufacturing companies, retail companies, eCommerce, and more. We specifically specialize in working with oversized shipments that require special logistical solutions. We provide the following services to our New York clients.

International Shipping to & from New York City

Bruning International provides both domestic and international shipping support to and from New York City and the surrounding area. Our team provides the following services as part of our international shipping support:

  • Consolidation: Consolidating shipments is the best way to improve how far a shipping budget can extend. Although it can be difficult to pull this off logistically, consolidated shipments allow companies to ship more often, ship to more places, and ship for better pricepoints.
  • Cross-Docking: Cross-docking is a great way to get more value out of a tight shipping budget. Through cross-docking, a single shipment can be split into multiple smaller shipments. Cross-docking is great for retailers expanding into international marketplaces. Send a single shipment across the ocean, and then have that shipment travel in-land to different regions and cities by utilizing cross-docking.
  • In-Land Transportation: With Bruning International, our services aren’t done until your shipment has made it to its final stop. No matter where you are shipping internationally, our team can help arrange truck services to bring goods from a port or terminals to its inland destination.
  • White-Glove Service: If you are shipping fragile goods including machinery, fine art, or items made of glass, it is vital that they are protected every step of the way. With packaging from Bruning International and our white-glove service, we will make sure that your goods are protected until they are unloaded at their destination.

Customs Clearance For International Shipping

Customs clearance is vital to international shipping. Not only do you need to handle customs in the country you are shipping to, but also in your home country. Bruning International handles all of the paperwork for our clients that are shipping internationally. With our relationship to dozens of agencies worldwide, we can ensure that international shipments move seamlessly from point to point.

Project Cargo Solutions For NYC Businesses

Bruning International specializes in handling project cargo. We have the tools and experience to break apart large shipments into more manageable sizes as well as provide crating and packaging to ensure that large goods are protected throughout the freight forwarding process. Our team provides logistical support for international airports that need emergency solutions for oversized cargo. If you are shipping anything out-of-gauge contact us on how we can help package and ship it.

Contact Bruning International For More Information

For more information on our services, please contact Bruning International. Our team would be happy to answer questions, provide quotes, and go into further detail on how a freight forwarder can help you optimize your shipping budget and schedule.

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