Freight Forwarding Services in New Haven, CT

Bruning International provides freight forwarding and shipping services to companies and businesses throughout Connecticut. Our headquarters are in Holbrook, Massachusetts but we are consistently working throughout New England to provide high-quality freight forwarding services. We provide both international and domestic services for industrial facilities, small businesses, and local companies throughout Connecticut.

  • Domestic Shipping: Bruning International may specialize in international imports and exports, but that doesn’t mean we can’t help you ship domestically. We work with hundreds of businesses to manage shipping products, equipment, and help businesses relocate. If you are planning to relocate somewhere else in the country we can help you.
    • International Shipping: We provide a large variety of international shipping services (see below). But briefly, we handle everything from packaging and crating, to customs fulfillment, to ensuring that your goods arrive on time and in the same condition they left in. To view our INCO Terms click here.
  • Project Cargo, Heavy Lift, Break Bulk: One thing that sets us apart from other freight forwarding companies is our specialty services around working with oversized goods. We have a partnership with Logan International Airport in Boston, where when any freight needs emergency adjustments, we handle them. We would be happy to go over how we can help you secure your large freight for international shipping.
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International Shipping To & From New Haven CT

Bruning International is one of New England’s top international freight forwarding companies. With relationships with dozens of worldwide agencies, decades of experience, and a team that specializes in clear communication we are certain we can help you with your freight forwarding. For more information and pricing please contact our team. Here are a few specific sub-services we can help with.

  • Consolidation: Our chief goal as a freight forwarding company is to make shipping cost-effective and more convenient for our clients. One great way to do this is through consolidation. If you are shipping something smaller than a full container, we can help set up and execute consolidation shipping methods.
  • Cross-Docking: Similar to consolidation, cross-docking is a process in which one large shipment can be broken into smaller fragments once they have arrived at a dock. This allows a single shipment to break off and be shipped to more specific areas and is an effective way to save money on the first leg of the trip.
  • Inland Transportation: We also help businesses navigate inland transportation logistics. Whenever you ship, we will help you until it gets to its final destination.

Customs Clearance For International Shipping

Customs Clearance is the most vital part of any international shipping endeavor. Ensuring that your goods not only clear customs in their country of origin but also here in the states require a team that has years of experience and stays updated on international shipping law. We have relationships with worldwide agencies to ensure that your goods are always up to the standards of all of the countries and international waters they will pass through.

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If you represent a business in New Haven looking to ship internationally, please contact Bruning International. We would be happy to answer your questions and provide quotes on all of our services.

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