Freight Forwarding Services in Hartford, CT

Bruning International provides freight forwarding services to companies throughout New England. Located in Holbrook, Massachusetts we are constantly working with industrial facilities, small businesses, and local companies throughout the northeast to deliver high-quality freight forwarding services including:

  • Domestic Shipping: Although we specialize in all things international, we also can help you ship domestically. We handle white glove services, consolidation, and finding you the best carrier for your shipment.
  • International Shipping: International shipping requires both a legal element and a logistical element. Whether it is clearing customs with properly labeled goods, or it is providing the best packaging for your shipment, we can help you improve your international shipping strategy. To view our INCO Terms click here.
  • Project Cargo, Heavy Lift, Break Bulk: One thing that makes us different from other freight forwarders in the northeast are our specialties. Bruning International specializes in project cargo and other oversized shipments. When companies need to ship large machinery and goods that will not fit in a standard container, we are there to help.
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International Shipping To & From Hartford CT

Bruning International helps businesses with any international shipping needs they have. We help with imports, and exports and can help you save on your shipping while not sacrificing shipping times. We are happy to support American businesses with their international and domestic shipping needs. For more information and pricing please contact our team. Here are a few specific sub-services we can help with.

  • Consolidation: Consolidation is a great way to improve your shipping strategy. If you need to ship small goods frequently, and your goods are smaller than a truckload or container load, consolidation can help save you money. Consolidation involves bundling multiple shipments in a single container or box truck so that the shipper doesn’t need to pay for an entire freight container when they have less to ship.
  • Cross-Docking: Another strategy we consistently help businesses execute is cross-docking. When a shipment arrives in a foreign dock it can be broken into multiple smaller shipments and continue moving towards their destinations. This is ideal for a business that is shipping to multiple locations in a different country.
  • Inland Transportation: When your goods arrive at a dock, they will need an additional carrier to bring them inland to their destination. With our relationships with agencies worldwide, we can help you find the best carrier in the area for your budget.

Customs Clearance For International Shipping

Customs Clearance is one of the most important logistical elements when shipping overseas. Not only do your goods need to clear customs in America but also in any other country your goods are being shipped through. Bruning International has the experience and the tools to make sure your shipments pass the legal requirements in any country. Aside from helping set up your shipment we can act as a resource for your company on international trade.

Contact Bruning International For More Information

If you represent a business in Hartford looking to ship internationally, please contact Bruning International. We would be happy to answer your questions and provide quotes on all of our services.

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