Heavy Lift

We offer logistic solutions and transportation for out-of-gauge project cargo.

Heavy lift shipping projects are some of the most challenging because their staggering weight and out-of-gauge size makes them difficult to move over any distance—much less over seas. Over our years in business, we’ve been hired to move some enormous pieces of machinery and equipment across vast distances. In each case, we ensured that the items arrived safely and securely, while still adhering to time constraints and budget limits.

Shipping your heavy lift item from door-to-door involves an array of vital logistic considerations, because the laws of physics are unforgiving if not respected and understood. Our years of experience as freight forwarders of heavy lift, out-of-gauge, and break bulk cargoes is why you should use us for your next heavy lift project. Our careful planning of the whole process is how we’ve established ourselves as one of the foremost heavy lift freight companies in the U.S.

Each project requires an understanding of how the dimensions, mass, delicacy, and the method of delivery come together for a successful project. Whether it’s a ship, plane, train, or ground transport situation, we understand how to lash and lift large and heavy cargo. We are experts on the performance envelope of our cranes and their environment, so we can move massive objects safely and efficiently.

We’ve moved dredge booms, large piping, industrial equipment and machinery, classic cars, high tech electronics and furniture. If you need to have it moved and are not sure how it can be done, give us a call and we can help get it taken care of for you.

Project Cargo Case Study—Singapore to Norfolk, VA

Project Cargo Case Study—China to New Orleans, LA

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