It is often said that the backbone of the American economy lies with small businesses. Our small businesses across hundreds of industries share their products and unique offerings that benefit commerce. But running a small business can be especially daunting. The costs involved in creating goods, marketing them, selling them, and shipping them can be hard to overcome. That is why many small businesses work with freight forwarders instead of global shipping services. There is sometimes a misconception held by many that freight forwarding is for larger businesses. In reality, if you find the right freight forwarder, your small business could be relieved of some of the costs associated with domestic and international shipping as well as relieved of the headache of logistics.

The Core Services That Bruning International Provides To Small Businesses

Bruning International is located in Holbrook, Massachusetts. Although, like many other prominent freight forwarders, our team is constantly traveling around the world to ensure that shipments are handled correctly. We have connections with over agencies in over 48 different countries. Our services for small businesses include the following:

  • Domestic Shipping: If you ship domestically you should consider working with a freight forwarder. We can help with consolidated shipping for small businesses that have small loads of products they need to ship. We also provide warehousing and distribution services. For fragile goods, we provide packaging and white-glove services so you can rest assured that you will not have to deal with issues from shipping problems.
  • International Shipping: For small businesses that want to work in an international market, Bruning International has the solutions you need. We work with agencies in Asia, Europe, South America, Africa, and Oceania. One of our main international services is customs brokerage and fulfillment.
  • Heavy Transport: Part of what sets Bruning International apart is that we specialize in finding freighting solutions for large out-of-gauge cargo. We have the tools and machines at our disposal to handle breakbulk and heavy transport. Our team handles the logistics of breaking shipments and tracking them across the world.
  • Convenience: One of the core services our clients get from us is simple straightforward billing and paperwork. We handle all the legwork for shipping which saves hours of your time and money.

Small Businesses Save Money With Freight Forwarding

When you have found the right freight forwarder, you will find that you save money on shipping. Cutting costs is one of the main reasons, that small businesses hire freight forwarders. Not only do they help you spend less time working on your shipping strategy, but with cross-docking and consolidation, they can make sure you never overpay for shipping. Plus, with designed packaging, businesses do not have to worry about broken goods contributing to a higher overhead cost.

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