Project Cargo

We have the resources to move your out-of-gauge cargo internationally and domestically.

If you need shipping services for project cargo that’s too big for a container or is overweight, then you need help from our experts. For shipments that need to be handled with special consideration or treatment, we can provide you with the logistics to move your item or items from door-to-door worldwide.

The word “logistics” has its roots in the military vernacular, and military victories and failures have hinged on the ability to create effective logistics for all the supplies that an army needs. Today, logistics is about shipping cargo from one point to another while dealing with the special circumstances that come with moving large or unwieldy items.

Oversized, overweight, or high value items are found in a variety of industries. We’ve worked with many different types of companies—including petrochemical, industrial manufacturing, energy generators, and mining. Our reputation with project cargo shipping is built on years of experience in packing, crating, lashing, loading, passing customs, unloading, and delivery. Every job is different, and a variety of variables have to be considered in order to avoid costly mistakes and to ensure safe delivery of large and expensive equipment.

We can handle the logistics of shipping any kind of cargo. So whether you need to move oversized pipes, unwieldy generators, heavy industrial machinery, delicate watercraft, enormous vehicles, crane pieces, or any other out-of-gauge cargo, then we can help you get it delivered to the right place, at the right time, for the right price.

Bruning International is a recognized industry leader in freight forwarding by land, sea, and air. We are located in the Boston metropolitan area with access to the nearby harbors and airports. We are connected to the logistics community in a way that sets us apart from the rest. Call now for more information on our Project Cargo services. Bruning International 800.616.3349

If you require project cargo shipping assistance and are looking for an experienced company that delivers, give us a call. Bruning International is ready to help you with your project cargo shipment. Contact us now to get started on moving your material! 800.616.3349

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