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With offices in 48 countries and services for every step of the shipping way, we are experts when it comes to exports.

We are one of the leading international shipping companies in Boston, but we can also export goods out of anywhere. Whether you need international shipping for freight or smaller items, we can help every step of the way. Some international shipping companies only deal with certain aspects of the shipping process, but that’s not how we operate. We help at every stage of the movement, from evaluating the size of your shipment to transporting your goods to the port of export, to clearing customs at the port of import, and finally delivering your product to its final destination. We can make this incredibly complex sequence of events seem easy so that you have less to worry about.

International Shipping Regions:

International Shipping Process

Once the size of your shipment is established, we will handle the arrangements for how your product should be shipped. Sometimes it makes more sense to ship by air, other times it is more reasonable to send your shipment by sea. We will help you evaluate which method would work best for you. We will handle the necessary export documents, such as the bill of lading, and will arrange for your shipment to be transported to the point of export. At this point in the process, there are origin port fees and origin terminal handling charges that will need to be considered, but we will help you figure out these costs.

Once your shipment arrives at the destination port, there is still a lot that needs to be done. First, a destination port fee and destination terminal handling fee will be charged. Then, your package will be unloaded and brought to a warehouse, where it will stay until it clears customs. Our agents in the country of destination will have the necessary documents ready and will handle the customs clearing. They will also schedule for your product to be delivered to its final destination.

There are a few additional factors that international shipping companies must consider when handling products. For starters, we must make sure that your shipment does not contain items that are restricted in the country of import. You do not want to send something just for it to be rejected at customs. We will ensure that this does not happen. We will also make recommendations on how to get your product to its destination as quickly as possible if time is an issue.

Packing your shipment for international travel is a whole other process in and of itself. We offer packing services, including custom crate packing. It is important that your shipment is packaged correctly, which includes correct labeling. We know all the rules and are here to help. We will make sure that your shipment gets packaged in the correct container. Furthermore, if your product does not fill an entire container on its own, we can help lower the cost by consolidating your shipment with another.

We have over 150 offices spread throughout 48 different countries. This allows us to be anywhere you need us to be. We have been one of the Boston area’s leading international shipping companies for 40 years. Whether you are shipping freight or smaller items internationally, our experts will usher your exports to a different country as seamlessly as possible.

For world-class international shipping of freight or smaller items from origination to destination, Bruning International is the team you need. Call 800-616-3349 today to learn how we can help.

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