Customs Brokerage

Import Your Goods, Clear Customs, and Get Fulfillment

Customs brokerage is a crucial element of doing business overseas, no matter the industry. A licensed customs broker can help navigate the complex waters of tariff classification, valuation, duty, tax recovery and product specific requirements. At Bruning International, we’ve been assisting corporations, universities, and other organizations to streamline the process of importing and exporting their products worldwide.

With over 150 offices worldwide in 67 cities across 48 countries, we’ve spent nearly 40 years establishing relationships with shipping agencies all over the world. Our expertise is matched only by our care for the client and dedication to service.


  • Customs Clearance
  • ABI & ACH
  • RLF (Remote Locations Filing)
  • Customs Surety Bond
  • Pre-Classification / Binding Rulings
  • Consular Legalization


  • Detention
  • 766 Rejections, reconditioning request
  • Private Lab Analysis

HACCP for Importers Consultation:

  • USDA & Dept of Commerce Services
  • License and Permit Applications
  • Inspections & Scheduling

Permits & Certificates:

  • Assist in obtaining import and export permits
  • Certificates of Origins
  • NAFTA Certificates
  • Foreign Permits

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