Over the last decade, the shipping infrastructure between North and South America has improved greatly. There are many new freight forwarding options to ship packages and containers of goods from the United States to Latin America. There has been a growing market in countries like Brazil for E-Commerce and especially home delivery on goods. Retail items like clothing have one of the highest shares in the import market in South American countries. Finding local van and truck services in South American nations is made easy when working with Bruning International. Bruning International’s agency relationships allow us to help American companies ship to the following countries:

  • Argentina
  • Brazil
  • Colombia
  • Chile

Customs Clearance in Brazil

The largest loss a company can take when shipping internationally is shipments that do not clear customs. Some of the most likely causes for shipments that fail to meet customs regulations are; lack of labeling, prohibited goods, and prohibited packaging. Bruning International provides a packaging service with crates designed for international shipping. We also have connections to agencies worldwide that allow us to stay up to date on trade regulations and paperwork requirements. Our logistical team makes sure that all freights forwarded get fulfillment and clear customs.

Project Cargo Shipping For South America

Out-Of-Gauge shipments can be a challenging hurdle to overcome when shipping internationally. The logistics needed to track a breakbulk shipment and make sure all pieces arrive at their location in a timely manner are intense. Bruning International has over forty years of experience finding solutions for project cargo, heavy machinery, and breakbulk shipping. Our team of freight forwarding experts will help manage every step of the process from breaking down a shipment, packaging the shipment, and tracking the shipment through customs to its destination.

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Whether you are shipping retail goods for consumers or large machinery needed for setting up an industrial complex, the professionals at Bruning International will make sure that your goods are properly labeled and shipped. We make sure that organizations do not overspend on shipping and that they are able to get the most out of their shipping service. Contact a member of our team to discuss international shipping and freight forwarding.

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