International Shipping To Africa

Africa has been seeing economic growth over the last decade. Because of this growth, more American companies have begun to target countries like South Africa for international commerce. Africa’s international commerce marketing is still in its infancy, but as an up and coming market, there has been a growing interest for American companies to penetrate the marketplace in African nations. At Bruning International, we have relationships with agencies around the world to help us forward freight and cargo to virtually anywhere in the world. If you are looking to save money on freight forwarding to Africa, here is a list of countries we can help you ship to. 

  • Algeria
  • Ghana
  • Kenya
  • Morocco
  • Nigeria
  • South Africa

Clearing Customs for Shipping to Africa

The most important part of international commerce is ensuring that companies get fulfilment and clear customs. Bruning International has decades of experience working with customs regulations across the globe. We stay up to date on customs documentation and regulation so that our clients don’t have to. We make sure that your cargo is properly labeled and arrives ready to clear customs. We work with international agencies to make sure there is local support for when your package arrives. We also work with existing shipping infrastructure in your destination to help move your freight from the port to its final destination. 

Project Cargo Shipping

Bruning International is very experienced working with out-of-gauge shipments and project cargo. Throughout our company history, we have helped many industrial clients ship overweight machinery and oversized cargo internationally. Our logistical team works hard to find solutions for shipping large amounts of heavy machinery and other goods. When companies are looking to open up new plants overseas, we help them with break bulk shipping strategies.

Fragile Packaging, & Custom Packing To Africa

For fragile shipments, Bruning International provides custom packaging solutions. Our custom designed crates are designed for durability. Our custom crates are individually designed to meet your cargo’s dimensions and packaging needs. We provide waterproofing, rust protection, dirt protection, and padding to make sure your shipments arrive in the same condition they left in. 

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