International Shipping To Middle East

Over the last few decades trading with the Middle East has increased in the US> There are many large American companies that have plants and facilities strategically located in the Middle East, as well as retail chains. There are many wealthy sectors in the Middle East, which is why many American companies have shipped high-end and luxury products to countries like Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

  • Egypt
  • Israel
  • Qatar
  • Saudi Arabia

Clearing Customs for Shipping to The Middle East

Whether you are shipping machinery designed for an industrial plant or shipping large amounts of cargo to the Middle East, you need to understand customs. No matter where you ship internationally, proper documentation is required to ensure that your goods clear customs. Working with Bruning International, you can be assured that your forms and documents are handled by a company with decades of experience shipping goods all over the world. We track all the logistics and have relationships with agencies worldwide to make sure that your cargo is taken care of.

Project Cargo Shipping

One of the unique things about Bruning International is our capability to handle oversized cargo. We specialize in shipping large machinery and other oversized items. There is a lot that goes into the logistics of working with break bulk. At our warehouse in Holbrook, we can break down shipments into shippable sizes as well as handle their packaging. From there, we handle the logistics to make sure all parts of a shipment arrive at their location intact and in a timely manner.  

Fragile Packaging, & Custom Packing To Middle East

For companies that need strong international packaging, our warehouse is stocked with materials to build custom crating. All of our crates are made with high-quality wood that is rated for international travel and meets international customs regulations for wood. And we provide a variety of packaging options that protect your goods from water damage or impact damage. Our team designs crating options that can be used multiple times and that are made with durable and affordable materials.

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Working with Bruning International ensures that your cargo will arrive hassle-free. Contact us through our online form, giving us a call or emailing us today to discuss your shipping needs.  

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