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[checkbox checkbox-exporter id:exporter class:fieldTitle use_label_element “Exporter”] [checkbox checkbox-importer id:Importer class:fieldTitle use_label_element “Importer”]
Business* [text* business 40/ id:business placeholder “Business”]
Address [text* address 40/ id:address placeholder “Address”]
City [text* city 20/ id:city placeholder “City”]
State [text* state 10/ id:state placeholder “State”]
Zip Code [text* zipcode 10/ id:zipcode placeholder “Zip Code”]
Phone [text* phone id:phone placeholder “Phone”]
Fax [text fax id:fax placeholder “Fax”]
Email [email* email id:email placeholder “Email”]
Contact [text contact 20/ id:contact]

Shipment Information

Shipment Type: [checkbox fcl id:fcl use_label_element “Ocean FCL”] [checkbox lcl id:lcl use_label_element “Ocean LCL”] [checkbox air-freight id:air-freight use_label_element “Air Freight”] [checkbox not-sure id:not-sure use_label_element “Not Sure”]
Piece Count [text piece-count id:piece-count]
Packaging Type [text packaging-type id:packaging-type]
Weight [text weight id:weight] [checkbox lbs id:lbs class:checkbox use_label_element “LBS”] [checkbox kgs id:kgs use_label_element “KGS”]
Dimention: Length x Width x Height [text dimentionlength 30/ id:dimentionlength] [checkbox metric id:metric use_label_element “Metric”] [checkbox usunit id:usunit use_label_element “US Unit”]

Transport Information

Country Origin [text country-orgin 20/ id:country-orgin] Country Destination [text country-destination id:country-destination]
Loading Port [text landing-port 20/ id:landing-port] Destination Port [text destination-port id:destination-port]
Pickup Address Delivery Address
Name [text pickup-name 20/ id:pickup-name] Name [text delivery-name id:delivery-name]
Address [text pickup-address id:pickup-address] Address [text delivery-address 20/ id:delivery-address]
City Post Code [text pickup-citypostcode id:pickup-citypostcode] City Post Code [text delivery-citypostalcode 20/ id:delivery-citypostalcode]

Cargo Information

Commodity [text commodity 30/ id:commodity] Cargo Value $ [text cargo-value 10/ id:cargo-value]
Date Available: [text date-available 20/ id:date-available] Delivery Date Desired: [text delivery-date-desire 20/ id:delivery-date-desire] Haz Mat(Y/N) [text haz-mat 5/ id:haz-mat]

Special Instructions

[textarea special-instruction 10×5 id:special-instruction]
[submit id:submit “Send”]

Custom Quote,,
Exporter : [checkbox-exporter]
Importer : [checkbox-importer]
Business : [business]
Address: [address]
City: [city]
State: [state]
Zip Code: [zipcode]
Phone: [phone]
Fax: [fax]
Email: [email]
Contact: [contact]

Shipment Information :-

Ocean FCL: [fcl]
Ocean LCL: [lcl]
Air Freight: [air-freight]
Not Sure: [not-sure]
Piece Count: [piece-count]
Packaging Type: [packaging-type]
Weight: [weight]
LBS: [lbs]
KGS: [kgs]
Dimention: [dimentionlength]
Metric: [metric]
US Unit: [usunit]

Transport Information :-

Country Origin: [country-orgin]
Country Destination: [country-destination]
Loading Port: [landing-port]
Destination Port: [destination-port]
Picking Name: [pickup-name]
Picking Address: [pickup-address]
Picking City Post Code: [pickup-citypostcode]
Delivery Name: [delivery-name]
Delivery Address: [delivery-address]
Delivery City Post Code: [delivery-citypostalcode]

Cargo Information :-

Commodity: [commodity]
Cargo Value $ : [cargo-value]
Date Available: [date-available]
Delivery Date Desired: [delivery-date-desire]
Haz Mat(Y/N) : [haz-mat]
Special Instructions: [special-instruction]

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