June 21, 2021

How The Yantian Port Closure Is Creating Shipping Congestion

If you haven’t seen any news on this yet, one of Southern China’s largest shipping ports was closed due to an outbreak of COVID-19. While many […]
December 29, 2020

How Brexit Is Affecting European International Shipping

As freight forwarders, we consistently have to focus on the international landscape as it relates to trade. Whether that means focusing on tariff changes between the […]
August 18, 2020

Understanding Your Bill of Lading

There is a lot that goes into international and domestic freight forwarding. First and foremost, the paperwork necessary to correctly ship imports and exports can be […]
June 16, 2020
a map of China

Common Mistakes Made When Importing from China

At Bruning International, we help hundreds of clients every year with their imports and exports. Over the last few years, imports from China have continued to […]
April 24, 2020
hurricane on the west coast of America

How Pacific Hurricane Season Affects Freight Forwarding

At Bruning International, we are constantly monitoring situations that influence freight forwarding. There are a few seasonal hurdles including national holidays like Chinese New Year’s or […]
December 16, 2019
a Chinese lantern displayed on Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year & Freight Forwarding Update

A few months ago we wrote a quick post on the topic of Chinese New Year and its effects on freight forwarding. Chinese New Year has […]
October 21, 2019
image of Chinese dragon puppets from New Year's celebration

How Chinese New Year Affects Freight Forwarding

In a few months, America and many more countries will celebrate the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020. In America, we will celebrate this […]
September 23, 2019
the word tariff highlighted in a dictionary

Understanding Chinese Tariffs & International Shipping in 2019

Currently, America and China are engaged in a trade war. This economic conflict is made up of tariffs and trade barriers that are imposed on imports […]
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