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Import Your Goods, Clear Customs, and Get Fulfillment

As freight importers we have years of expertise in getting freight moved from country to country. At Bruning International, we have been dealing with the web of  the laws and regulations that come into play when materials have to clear customs either in the US or another country. We have connections with over 150 offices around the world that work with us on dealing with each individual country’s customs laws. Our goal is to make the whole importing process as pain free as possible by using our extensive resources.

Ocean and Air Consolidations

We can save you money on consolidations. Our network of connections and reputation for professionalism means that we can share the ride with someone else and split the cost, which saves you a lot of money. Empty space is wasted space when it comes to shipping, we can fill the containers to the brim and then pass the savings on to you.


Want to save money on storage? Then keep your products off of shelves and inside trucks. Cross-docking is going to save you a bundle on warehousing fees and it will get your product to your customers sooner. And you know that the more money we can save you on your storage and shipping the better the price point for your product (or the higher the profit for you, your call). It takes some know-how to get cross-docking to work out smoothly, but, hey, if it was easy everyone would be doing it.


Looking for fulfillment services for your products? We’ve got the warehousing and personnel to get your valuable goods picked and packed and out the door to your customers. Tell us what you want done and let us make it happen for you.

Inland Transportation

Now that you’ve got your goods into the states you might need a way to get it to its final destination in Indiana or Colorado or any other North American location. We do that too! Let us bring our resources to bear on your supply chain management issues and we’ll take care of the whole process for you.

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