Project Cargo Move Out of Gauge/Permit Load Door Germany to Door Wareham MA

Above the steeping vessel and malting drum were transported to the port of Bremerhaven to be loaded onto MAFI trailers for transport to the port of New York.

Upon arrival to the port of New York trans loading for the freight was organized onto lowboy trailers transit port New York to Door Wareham MA. Police escort and surveyors were required for transit though New York, Connecticut, and on to the final destination in Wareham MA.

After careful pick up at the door in Germany shipping over the Atlantic via RORO vessel with Mafi trailers Port Bremerhaven to Port New York, with carefully planned trans-load at the port of New York, onward to a permit load with escorts to the final destination, with heavy lift inside delivery executed, the end result is the safe arrival of the out of gauge malting equipment to Wareham, MA Ready for assembly.

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