FAQ: What is the Best Way to Ship E-commerce Products Internationally?

With 80% of the world’s buying power outside of the United States more and more companies are selling internationally. And while that is all well and good for large Fortune 500 companies, the prospect of shipping products internationally can be very daunting for smaller E-commerce companies. Depending on what you are shipping and the amount you need to ship, big name shipping companies might not work best for you.

Is Shipping Internationally Worth It?

There are many benefits to selling your product overseas. As of 2017, it was estimated that more than 70% of all online shoppers have had products shipped internationally to them. Selling to international markets can also help relieve competition problems when selling domestically. Retailers that offer international shipping grow in a year to year revenue an average of 60% more than domestic-only retailers. Simply stated, if you can ship your products internationally, you should. The real question is how do you optimize international shipping plans to take the smallest cut from your margins.

How Do You Pick A Shipping Strategy?

International shipping is a very competitive market. From the retailer side, there are many options on how to ship your products that bring up many concerns. The biggest concern is obviously pricing. Generally speaking, your customers will pay for all your international shipping fees. But in order to retain customers, you need to optimize those fees to be as low as possible. There are also a few more concerns to consider. Your products need to clear customs, there are duties fees, multiple transit points can cause delays, and damaged goods can require refunding the customer. Your shipping strategy needs to address these problems. One mistake many small E-commerce sites make is attempting to use big name shipping companies that do not have insurance for any of these problems.

Should You Work With A Freight Forwarding Company?

Freight forwarding companies offer a lot of benefits for companies shipping internationally. Smaller freight forwarding companies stake their reputation on avoiding delays and dealing with shipping concerns. Many of these companies have international relationships in key ports around the world. It is common for freight forwarding companies to have a legal department that works on customs brokerage. These companies also offer solutions for transporting fragile and expensive goods.

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