Logistics for Freight Outbound or Inbound, Domestic, or International from Waltham, MA

Our freight forwarding service area includes Waltham, MA.  We offer a variety of shipping services to the businesses and industries that thrive in this historic town where “Industry” is so integral to its history. It was here that the first power loom in the United States was built based on Francis Cabot Lowell’s memory of a similar machine in England. With the keen skills of mechanic Paul Moody, the first American power loom was built and the United States entered into the Industrial Age.

Waltham’s manufacturing prowess  continued with the American Waltham Watch factory that stood on the banks of the  Charles River for nearly a century. Known for its precision and endurance, a Waltham watch could be found in the pockets of U.S. presidents and railroad conductors. The Waltham Watch factory stopped producing watches in the mid 20th century in the Massachusetts, but a Swiss luxury watch company continues to carry the Waltham name on its upscale watches.

Today, Waltham MA still has a strong business and enterprise presence with international companies like Raytheon, Astra Zeneca, Nova Biomedical, and Parexel. Waltham, MA. Although the nature of industry has changed, Waltham’s location continues to reflect its dedication to quality products and services.

If you have a business in Waltham, MA, we can provide freighting and crating services that can get your products moved from door-to-door—whether it’s across the state, across the nation, or across the seas. Let Bruning International help you with your logistic challenges. Use our provided contact form or call us at 800.616.3349.