Out of Gauge Dredge Spud From Singapore to Norfolk


From the Island of Batam, off the coast of Singapore, Bruning International was given the challenging task of moving 1 x commercial dredge spud to Norfolk, VA. The dredge spud weighs in at 118 tons, and there are only a handful of carriers in the world that can handle this job. Sailing from the Port of Singapore, the dredge spud will make its journey into Norfolk via OOG break bulk cargo. To achieve port side loading takes intricate planning and procedures that utilizes heavy lift, out of gauge rail, rigging hi heavy, and professional stevedore operations. This piece was successfully loaded via OOG vessel and takes six weeks to arrive in Norfolk. Moving a piece this size is only made possible by having thorough communications, intricate planning, and collaborative partnerships—all managed through Bruning International.


Dredge-Spud3 Dredge-Spud2Dredge-Spud1





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