A Full Service Freight Forwarder That’s an Expert on Exports

Freight exporters, do you need letters of credit or banking assistance to facilitate your export project? Is trying to navigate the sea of export paperwork seem worse than navigating the Indian Ocean? We know how complicated it can get, but we’ve been able to effectively deal with the bureaucracy of international trade. Let our years of experience help save you hours of frustration and bewilderment and money. We offer a complete roster of export services that include:

Export Documentation Services From bill of lading to an Halal certificate, we can get the paper work filled out and filed. What you’re shipping and where it’s going all play a part in getting the correct documentation together. You don’t want your cargo held up on a faraway port or airport. Based on our years of experience, we can evaluate the special qualities that pertain to the materials of your cargo (electronics, food, pharmaceuticals, HAZMAT) and how that interplays with your destination’s idiosyncrasies (radiation certificates, certificates of free sale, Halal certificates). Then we put together all of the certificates and forms that are needed to ensure that your product get to its ultimate destination any where in the world.

Letters of Credit and Other Financial Forms Letters of credit are just one of the many forms that are needed to get you paid and get the customer their goods. We handle a wide variety of forms that make sure the trade process goes smoothly for everyone: Buyer, Seller, and their respective governments. We have been working with a variety of banks over the years in smoothing out the complicated financial processes of international shipping and trade.

Worldwide Agent Network Exports going to Singapore? Or to London? We have agents around the world to help us get your goods through customs and into the hands of your consumer. Our agents are well versed in the formal and informal issues that come up when you goods leave the shores of America and find their way to another country’s port or airfield.  Our year’s of experience in dealing with overseas exporting issues makes us uniquely qualified to find and retain agents that can do the job. The world’s too big for us to be everywhere—but it’s not too big for our world wide network of export agents.

Crating, Packaging, and Warehousing Crating or packaging your product deserves more attention than you think. You want your products to arrive in great condition and in the numbers you have on your invoice. We are experts on crating and packaging for overseas shipment by land, sea, and air. Check out our page dedicated to crating and packaging here. A successful import goal is safe and sound arrival of the goods.

Automated Export System (AES) As global freight forwarders we are familiar with the Automated Export System (AES) created by the US Census Bureau. So after we make shipping arrangements we transmit the commodity (EEI) information using the AES technology. The AES validates the data against editing tables and U.S. Government agency requirement files.  If all is well,  we get a confirmation notice and shipping your product gets underway. When our carrier gets the cargo we get a receipt and notice when the cargo has left the port. Using the AES has saved companies millions of dollars in export costs just in the paper work management alone. It also reduces the incidence of costly errors that can delay shipments or mistakes in delivery. We like to think that our familiarity with this and other export technology makes us forward thinking freight forwarders.

Cargo Booking We do cargo booking with a variety of air, sea, and land carriers. With our experience and connections we can find space for your packages or smaller shipments that will fit your time frame and your budget. Call us about your shipping details and we can let you know how we can get you on the next flight out of town.

Local Truck Service Our supply chain management skills extends to our contacts with local truck services located around the world. If you need reliable ground freighting in moving your materials from a faraway port to an even further away inland location, then we can make that arrangement for you.

Bruning International wants your exporting business. The world deserves your product, we want to make it easy for you to make that happen. From origination to destination: give us your RFQ and see what we can do for you! Call 800-616-3349 or fill out a contact form today!